Sunday, July 31, 2011

Agent J and Saturday Night Shenanigans

One of our really good friends decided to have people over Saturday night for a cookout and drinks. I love these nights. Just hanging out with close friends and drinking. This past Saturday went down in the record books. Our friends just recently had a baby too and this was their first baby free night. Wooohooo! "Agent J" (Whose name shall not be mentioned) was a blast and may have shown his nipple more than once and ALMOST signed up for Facebook!

"Agent J"
Apparently "Agent J" couldn't find his mouth while eating dinner. Bless his heart!
At one point in the night I had to use the bathroom. Now I am not exactly sure how long I was in there. In my head I thought it was only 10 to 15 minutes MAX, but looking back I am thinking it was probably closer to an hour! I definitely decided to have a photo shoot. By this point I'm pretty sure I had drank 3/4 of the box of wine. That's right...I said BOX. Don't hate, it's good and it's only like $11! Enjoy...
Before the cookout
Photoshoot Time...Why can't I get this phone out of the picture???
(Ugh, ignore the nails)
Oh Yay! I finally figured it out!
Oh what is the matter with her eyes you may wonder? No worries...that is one eye Billy Willy. He shows up when Jaima has a wee bit too much to drink. Love him!
Look at these their sweet pups! See anything wrong with this picture?
And this little sweet thang was hanging with her Mimi on Saturday night :)

So what did ya'll do this weekend?
Did one eye Willy Billy come visit any of you?
Can't wait to see who wins the Scentsy giveaway!!

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Raven said...

woohoo for baby free nights!!

getting pretty good at those self photos there ;)