Friday, July 22, 2011

Sometimes I Can't Think

Sometimes I can't think of things to blog about so I don't. I had this whole post about seriously Thursdays written up but I forgot to write yesterday. Whoopsie.

What I can tell you is that I am only 8 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight! Yay! Now, I can tell you that I was not one of those people that while pregnant I was sporting a cute baby bump and was glowing. Ummmm no! I was the whale you see on TV. I grew everywhere. If you don't believe me, refer back to my first post. (That pic was also taken when I was only 7 months pregnant and in Costa Rica)

I will also tell you that I have to work really hard to lose weight. It didn't just fall off me like I wished it to. I currently do the C25k which includes running in 90 heat and me dry heaving on the side of the road. The later(and yes...I know it's supposed to be latter) may be me exaggerating, but I really feel like it...sometimes.

Sometimes...I find it fun to exaggerate too, not in serious situations, but I find it makes a story more interesting. Now I'm getting off topic.

This post is a brag about me because I'm proud I'm down so much weight since I did gain 60 pounds. Thank goodness I had her at 37.5 weeks, I mean who knows how much I would of really gained. Keep reading guys! A surprise is in store next week and then I may have something else up my sleeve.

Oh, anyone have any advice how to deal with a teething baby???

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