Monday, August 15, 2011

The case of the the ear

Yes, this nasty thing was IN MY EAR! I'm convinced it's still there. Nasty Nasty Nasty!

Ummmm, yea. I'm sure by the title of this post you get what happened. I mean, really? Who has a moth fly in their ear?

The setting: Aunt and Uncles house with family. All of us are hanging outside on their awesome covered porch.

The story: I am sitting in my chair chatting away, when I see a moth from the corner of my eye. No joke I saw this monster moth before this happened. It literally built up speed and zoomed into my ear! Not just the outside of my ear. I am talking full on inside the ear canal. WTH?
Now, enter me freaking out and pulling at my ear. All while this moth is buzzing and flapping it's dirty, dusty, mothy wings in my ear. Ugggghhh! Finally, after what felt like hours, the stupid bug (use your imagination for the word I really want to use in place of bug) flew out of my ear. You would think that now I am monster free that I would feel better, right? WRONG! You see my sister is the only one that saw the moth fly out. I have been worried for the past 2 days that this bug is still in my ear!

Today, when I cleaned my ears, there was moth dust on the q-tip! No joke. The hubs thought it was funny that I had "moth poop" in my ear. Me, being the sensible person I am, decide that the thing is still in there. Now I don't want to go to the Dr. and pay my co-pay and them tell me the thing is gone. Then I would feel stupid. So, I call my husband when he gets to work and ask him to bring home the ear thingy so he can look in my ear. Well, according to him, the good news is there is no moth in my ear, but the bad news is the moth left lots of poopie dust in my ear. GROSS! I'm totally going to ask my mom for a second opinion tomorrow.
Long story made short. I still think the bug is in there and I totally feel for anyone that has ever had a bug fly in their ear. I will never forget that sound and feeling.

Lesson Learned: Remember to wear cotton balls in ear or earmuffs at all times while outside...

Has this ever happened to any of you?

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