Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Headbands and Bows Oh My!

Having a little girl I knew I wanted to dress her up in lots of sweet headbands and bows! I need to especially now because she doesn't have much hair and a few people have asked if she was a he! That is a major no no in a mommas book...I mean come on people "she" is in a pink stroller and dress!! So, my ahhmazing photographer also happens to be ahhmazing at making headbands and bows. She sells them on etsy under Sprinkles for Sprouts and you can also find her on Facebook under Sprinkles for Sprouts. There is a giveway going on right now (and I really want to win) so go check it out at http://soulfocusphotographyblog.com/?p=1501. Here are a few of my favorites...also because it's my sweet girl!

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Kaity (As We Grow) said...

She is precious! Love your blog. :) following now!
Love for you to do the same :)